Keystone Communications is in the beginning stages of a plan to replace all of our copper cable with fiber optics. Our engineering firm, Vantage Point Solutions, will begin the process of measuring out the footage of copper from homes to pedestals and other points of contact over the next few months of 2012. Early next year, 2013, bids will be taken for the installation of the new fiber optic cable in Keystone, both city and rural. Work will begin on that installation during the 2013 year. Phase two will be the staking, bidding and installation in Garrison and Elberon, probably in 2014.

This will be a massive project for our company to undertake. A new “soft switch” will also be installed in our central office. The end result will be a much more efficient system to deliver larger amounts of bandwidth to our customers. Since both our television and internet systems depend on this bandwidth, it is  necessary to upgrade our outside buried plant.

We hope our customers can be patient during this construction project. Engineering firm representatives will be labeling their vehicles with “Keystone Communications” signs to help identify them as they measure and stake the lines and your property. If you have any questions please call our office at 442-3241 and we will try to help you get them answered.
Fiber optic project update

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